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Automatic Noodle Making Machine

2017-12-08 23:36:54

Automatic noodle making machine is one type of noodle processing machine, first you need to mix the wheat flour with water by flour mixer, then put them into the noodle machine, and then can press into noodle automatically. It can divided to small type noodle machine, middle type noodle machine and noodle production lines.You can use the machine to make any size and any shape noodle, inlude round noodle, square noodle, dry noodle, fresh noodle etc, only to change the mould. The machine constitute with the frame, rollers and motors etc. We have different models , from 100 kg/h to 400 kg/h, the machine capacity is different. Our machine have multiple functions. It is widely used in western food shop, snack food factory, tea restaurant, chinese restaurant, bakery shop, coffee shops etc. Our machine exported to sri lanla, india, Austrlia, USA, Canada etc.

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