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Whole Set Instant Noodles Production Line

2017-09-23 09:16:24

The company's products for high-end instant noodles production line of complete sets of equipment, mainly including dough mixer, composite curing machine, compoud dough rolling machine, continuous dough pressing machine, steaming noodles machine, cutting dividing machine, frying machine, air cooling machine, electric control system. JINGCHENG has mainly adopted the international advanced instant noodles production line production and the manufacturing process, to ensure the quality of the equipment, improve equipment performance.
Instant Noodles Production Line
Specific advantages of instant noodle production line are as follows:
1, Combined with the advanced production technology and perfect quality system, production 100% quality inspection.
2. Modular design, reasonable structure, convenient line and use.
3. Using advanced control theory, the whole line is controlled by high performance PLC and inverter, stable performance and high degree of automation.
4. Using high precision machining equipment, such as digital laser, to make the equipment and mechanical properties reach the optimal design scope.
5. Advanced data statistics and universal extended network interface can provide real-time and accurate basic data for ERP system of enterprises.

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