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Upgrade The Instant Noodle Production Project

2022-01-17 16:42:14

In February 2021, Gelgoog worked together to upgrade the instant noodle production project. Founded on August 25, 1967, unified enterprise is a large food company in Taiwan. It is well-known in East and Southeast Asia. It is also one of the largest food manufacturers in Taiwan. Its products mainly include beverage and instant noodles.
instant noodle production project
Unified enterprise always pays attention to the trend evolution of the times, grasps the changes of consumers' lives, and continues to expand new undertakings and expand in line with the trend. In May 2021, Gelgoog joined hands with the unified enterprise to upgrade the instant noodle project, providing it with efficient modern automatic equipment to help it further improve its production scale and production efficiency.
At the beginning of 2021, the procurement engineer of uni president mentioned that during the production and packaging of instant noodles, the vibration amplitude was too large to successfully realize the packaging. Through telephone and video communication, the engineer team of Gelgoog deeply understood the specific problems and needs of customers, and customized a set of instant noodle packaging solutions for customers according to their production demand of 120 Bags / min and site arrangement.
At present, the customer has successfully received the goods and started normal production and packaging. At present, the equipment runs smoothly, the packaging effect meets the customer's expectations, and the customer's production capacity has been greatly improved. Customers are very satisfied with Gelgoog's products and services. At present, they are communicating the second set of instant noodles packaging scheme.

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