Fried Instant Noodles Plant

Fried Instant Noodle Making Machines 160,000 Bags/shift

  • Model:BFP-16Y
  • Capacity:160,000 bags every 8 hours
  • Dimension:65*5*5 m
  • Power:105 kw
  • The fried instant noodles making machines of BFP-Y series is of high automation and advanced technology instant noodle production line. From dough rolling to air cooling, main procedure uses VVVF, photoelectric tracking, PLC program control, and frying temperature is controllable.
    Fried Instant Noodle Production Line 160000 Bags/Shift

    Fried Instant Noodles Production Line Introduction

    According to the shape of instant noodles, here are square and round instant noodle production line; According to types of instant noodles, there are fried and non fried instant noodles production line for selection. The weight of instant noodles can be adjusted from 40 to 120 grams per piece, special requirement can be customized. Production capacity of instant noodle production line for each shift (8 hours) is from 60,000 to 200,000; Width of dough pressing roller is from 350mm to 800mm.
    Fried Instant Noodle Processing Line

    Advanced Production Process of Fried Instant Noodle Making Machine

    (1) The dough mixer machine is designed with double shafts and double speeds for optimal dough mixing effect.
    (2) The calendar ratio of noodle maker is designed logically, and the clearance between rollers is easy to change.
    (3) Single layer or multi-layer steaming machine is designed with originative structure, where the temperature remains proper and the pasting degree of noodles keeps higher.
    (4) After being cut off, the dough keeps high proportion to be placed in a box, meanwhile, it is unnecessary to stop the machine to finely adjust the weight of the dough.
    (5) High heat exchange rate in frying, it keeps no pollution on the oil and the oil content in the dough keeps lower.

    Working Video of Fried Instant Noodles Machine

    Fried instant noodle making machine can produce 160,000 bags instant noodles every 8 hours, large production capacity to leverage your factory overhead. Our high speed bag instant noodle machines will definitely IS the best production equipment for instant noodles production. This fried instant noodle production line is designed to meet the need of increasing consumption of fast food instant noodle. This is a fully automatic production line employing most advanced technology.

    Our Service
    We sincerely supply comprehensive and best service to all of our customers. We offer services for the following.
    1. supply solutions for the buyers' special demands
    2. new design plant layout according to the actual situation
    3. onsite installation, commissioning and operational training
    4. provide technical support both at setup and maintain
    5. long - term supply of spare parts
    6. warranty service

    About Us
    JINGCHENG Machinery Company set up in 1988, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of different noodle making machines.Our company offers complete sets of fried instant noodle production line and non-fried instant noodle production line, dried noodle production line,fresh noodle production line, corn noodle production line and rice noodle production line. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network . The products of our company are exported to many countries in Asia, Western Europe and South Africa.

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  • Paste width:650mm                      Capacity:160,000/8h(65g/pcs)
    No Equipments Model Qty             Remark
    1 Brine metrology mixer YSH100 2set 1.5 kw, Pump power 0.75 kw, capacity:1000 l/units
    2 Supply metering device YSJ10 1set Volume of 110 liters with LCD, the pump is 0.75 kw
    3 Double speed dough mixer HMJ250 2set power 11/14kw, 200 kg/pan, manually open the door
    4 Disc curing machine XS250 1set Power 4 kw, Tray 2000*410 mm and raw material for stainless steel surface contact
    5 Single continuous rolling machine MT10-90 1set Paste width 650, 11+18.5=29.5kw power(Frequency control of motor speed), 10 pcs steel roller
    6 Single-layer steamed noodles machine CZM90 1set Machine is 30 meters long, 3 kw power (VVVF), fan 0.37 kw*2 units, water seal, mechanical lifting door
    7 Cutting and folding machine QF160 1set Main drive 1.5 kw (frequency control of motor speed), air knife:0.9 kw
    8 Fried dryer YZ160 1set Main drive 3kw (frequency control), lifting 2.2 kw, circulating pump 15 kw, gear pump 2.2 kw, air knife 0.9 kw*2
    9 Strong Air cooling device FL180 1 set Blower: 0.37 kw*14 sets, exhaust fan 3 kw power supply by Fried, carbon steel plastic sheeting
    10 Shunt conveyor FS200 1 set Main drive 1.1 kw (VVVF)
    10 Conveyor SS160 3set 0.37 kw*3 main drive, mechanical control, stainless steel panel
    11 Products conveyor CS160 3set Mechanical control, stainless steel panel
    12 Electric control cabinet BPT-1 1 set Frequency control of motor speed, PLC program control
    Total: 105kw

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